Are You Sure This Is 18 by 24?

wall with windows

Technically this picture is Multimedia.

Q: How did I get the rope holding up the scaffolding to look so realistic?

A: By using real string, with careful reinforcements on the back of the paper. It looks even better at full size, behind glass.

It’s brand-new string, in case anyone cares. My half-used ball of twine cleverly hid. Matter of fact, I still haven’t found it, though I’m sure I never finished it. Wandering around hardware stores can be perilous. So many things you never imagined you needed. Fortunately I did not have to search long. I ran smack dab into the studio director’s gentleman friend, who had only recently bought a ball of string for her grandson. This is really true.

And the paper really is 18 by 24.