But the Sign Says...

wall labeled “DO(N’T)”

The studio director mentioned to a class that you don’t want to use orange and purple in the same picture because it will come out looking garish. Naturally this kind of statement is a challenge to me—a red flag, let’s say—so I worked out a design involving orange and purple rats.

But then I made a mistake. Before painting the rats I filled in the background: a low-key light brown to avoid pulling attention away from the foreground. And it looked so nice with white rats that it had to stay that way. The only trace of red, orange and purple is in the shading.

That was the second mistake. The first turned out to be serendipity. The word “DON’T” was too far off-center. To balance the picture, I colored in only the first two letters. So there’s your title.

the same in syllabics

Inevitable follow-up question: How would one convey the same message in Inuk­titut?

Best guess: illegible-squiggle-ᑦᑕᐃᓕ-further-illegible-squiggle, with an option on ᒋᑦ for the final piece.