Fifty Wordsfor Snow


Want to curl up with a good book? Take your pick: from Perez the Mouse to the Paston letters, from cheesy 19th-century novels to sober anthropological studies.

Perez the mouse

Hot off the Presses

Sweethearts and Friends by Maxwell Gray (Mary Gleed Tuttiett), another contribution to the Lady Doctress genre.

The Rose and the Ring by William Makepeace Thackeray. A “Fireside Pantomime” featuring his own illustrations.

Bits of Talk about Home Matters, a collection of short essays by “H. H.” (Helen Hunt Jackson).

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Tangled Webs

Here’s where it gets meta. Run a website long enough, and you start learning things—including plenty of things you would have been perfectly happy not knowing.


lion coward

MiSTings and More

All the stuff that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Along with the do-it-yourself MiSTings, this is where you’ll meet Judge Judy, the heraldic lion rat, the killer robot and more.

Beware the Blog

Idle thoughts from an idle webmaster, or, things that will never grow up to be pages of their own. Probably.



We have silence.

If you know the difference between what is real and what is not real, you may like this.

Or, then again, you may not.


font pieces

Of Mice and Keyboards

Things get interesting when you venture beyond the familiar ABC.

Inuktitut Legacy Fonts

Everything you need to know about Prosyl, Nunacom and the rest of the family.


Of Duct Tape and Hovercraft

The Inuktitut language as seen from the outside—with some unavoidable digressions into the politics of the far north.

Duct Tape Is Your Friend

At Home with the Hansard

Reports from our favorite legislative body, the Nunavut Assembly.

Nunavut ’99
Uranium Is Your Friend
The Defunct Dictionary

Over here: reality. Over there, drifting away on an ice floe: our hopes.


Boys’ Life

Better than a Thousand Words

If a picture says more than a thousand words, then a picture with caption has got to be worth . . . well, at least 1001 words.