Fifty Words for Snow

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stuff that wouldn’t fit anywhere else


Picture in search of a caption

“In the Stars”

in which I, my son, one of my beta testers—and Jake and Zainab—play a very, very bad WorldBuilder game . . .


“Coming Home hints”

in which we study the author’s hints to one of the worst text adventures ever released . . .


If “Alonzo and Melissa” isn’t the Great American Novel, I don’t know what is.


Will Teach For Food

Quartet for Two Generations

Sooner or later, everyone has to write one piece of fan fiction. This is my tribute to Two Set Violin.

Beware the Blog

If this whole directory is a repository for pages that wouldn’t fit anywhere else, then this page is a repository for ideas that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Or, at least, for stray thoughts that weren’t big enough to rate a page of their own.

Lucy Goes to the Movies

Formerly a Fan Favorites page at the late lamented Free Classic Movies dot com.

“Don’t tell me what the law says. That’s hearsay.”

Everything I ^don’t know about the law I learned from Judge Judy.

Why I Like Rats

If you think this belongs in the Rats area of my personal site, think again.

Know Your Lion Rat

A vital chapter in the language of heraldry.

A Concise Glossary of Copspeak

Memorize this short list, and you too can talk like a Judge Judy litigant.