Fifty Words for Snow

MiSTings and More:
stuff that wouldn’t fit anywhere else


Picture in search of a caption

“In the Stars”

in which I, my son, one of my beta testers—and Jake and Zainab—play a very, very bad WorldBuilder game . . .


“Coming Home hints”

in which we study the author’s hints to one of the worst text adventures ever released . . .


If “Alonzo and Melissa” isn’t the Great American Novel, I don’t know what is.


Will Teach For Food

At Home with the Robots

The things you learn when poring over your website’s access logs.

The Panda Page

. . . or, when black-and-white animals attack.

Seek and You Shall Find

The things that send people to this site, whether rightly or wrongly.

Lucy Goes to the Movies

Formerly a Fan Favorites page at the late lamented Free Classic Movies dot com.

Beware the Blog

If this whole directory is a repository for pages that wouldn’t fit anywhere else, then this page is a repository for ideas that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. Or, at least, for stray thoughts that weren’t big enough to rate a page of their own.

“Don’t tell me what the law says. That’s hearsay.”

Everything I ^don’t know about the law I learned from Judge Judy.

Why I Like Rats

If you think this belongs in the Rats area of my personal site, think again.

Know Your Lion Rat

A vital chapter in the language of heraldry.

A Concise Glossary of Copspeak

Memorize this short list, and you too can talk like a Judge Judy litigant.

Clients from Hell: The List

What happens when you read the same story for the twenty-seventh time . . . this month.