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Living Dictionary Errors: Fall 2010

--Internal Links:--

#1 From the English "search help" page (/help/HelpSearchEN.htm):

Image link is misspelled as http://www.livingdictionary.com/images/title_en.gif.gif
The correctly spelled ...title_en.gif is present in the /images/ directory

#2 Roman Inuktitut "search help" page

Should be /help/HelpSearchRI.htm but the file doesn't exist.

#3 Syllabic Inuktitut "search help" page (/help/HelpSearchSI.htm):

Not exactly a link error, but item #2 in the text is in English.

#4 French "Fonts Help" page should be /help/HelpFontsFRE.htm but the file is saved as HelpLogonENG..htm (note two periods)

#5 Roman Inuktitut "Background and History" page


Not sure what's going on here. Opening the page gets the error message
"java.lang.RuntimeException: getStringValue()is NOT supported for large DataSourceValues"

This is apparently a general coding problem; it shows up in a couple of other places. All Roman Inuktitut text is run through some extra routines. Maybe it’s to process the alternative orthographies (ICI, Kalaallisut, Nunavik); I don’t know. All I know is it crashes if the input is too long, and there’s no error handling in place. Why this wasn’t noticed up front is anyone’s guess. Anyway, that’s why the Roman Inuktitut version of the Background and History page was cut.

#6 English "Background and History" page


Again, not exactly a link error, but the "Fonts" paragraph has been misplaced to the top of the page. It should be under "Downloadable Resources" as in the other B&H pages.

#7 all versions of "Background and History" page

"Files already loaded"
"Files to be loaded"

English and Syllabic Inuktitut pages give the links as:


French page gives the link as


These pages don't exist (neither do the "ri" and "en" forms); in fact they look like links pasted in from some earlier source. I couldn't figure out if the pages are present in any Living Dictionary directory under some other name.

Those %3A sequences are simply encoded colons. It really says

... /NSID-www.livingdictionary.com-18a:3ccafd3c:3bcae01f1dcc1df3 ...

You might think that stripping out the garbage in the middle, leaving you with


would lead to something. It sure looks like a Living Dictionary page name. But all it leads to is an error message.

--External Links--

#8 Still on Background and History pages (all versions):

Fonts link on all pages is given as

The English page has two forms:
<a href = "http://www.assembly.nu.ca/test/unicode/index.htm"&http://www.assembly.nu.ca/unicode/fonts/index.htm.</a>

All links are wrong; the correct addresses are now:


#9 Still on the same pages:

The "Syllabic Chart" link is no longer valid. The page containing the link is now at


while the image alone is


But there exist better-looking versions of the syllabary chart; you can probably find several.

(The other multedata link http://www.multedata.ca/p20.htm is still correct.)

Once I figured out how to edit Background and History—the Roman-Inuktitut bug made it tricky—I updated the font links. But the page still needs a complete overhaul.

#10 on site entry page:

The link associated with the "gteclogo" graphic


is no longer valid. I have no idea how to find the page, if it is still present under a different name, but you probably know where to ask.

Still waiting for some sign that any of these observations—including trivial errors that can be fixed in five minutes—have been acted on.