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Until May 15th, 2011


Your input will help the Government of Nunavut develop a position and policy about uranium in Nunavut. Thank you.


The following information will let us know which groups of people are participating in this process. The information will not be used to identify you.

Gender (optional) Male Female
Region (optional) Kitikmeot Kivalliq Baffin
Age (optional) Under 19 19-30 31-54 55 and over
Postal Code (optional) Email (optional)

In the space below, tell us what you think about uranium in Nunavut. Thank you.

In the real form (no longer available), the Submit button would have taken you to a final Acknowledgement screen, and your comments would have been logged. The function has been disabled here to avoid obvious hanky-panky.

The actual values of the first three “age” buttons are “Under18”, “1824” and “2554”.

Let me out of here!