Mice and Other Critters

How Many Mice can Fit in a Phone Booth?

mice squeezed into a phone booth

The answer is, of course, the same as for rats and igloos: All of them.

The Mouse Knight
in honor of Cutter Hays

the Mouse Knight faces the darkness

It was meant to be a mouse, in honor of Cutter Hays’ Mouse Knight stories. But it came out looking like a rat.

Oh well. At least the background worked.

Plumpy Meets the Bagel

Plumpy the mouse after finishing his bagel

Plumpy was the progenitor of a line of plump brindle mice. I never met him in person, because he lived at the other end of the country with his loving and devoted family of humans. On one lucky occasion Plumpy got to experience a real New York bagel, and his human mom was there to take the picture.

This is what was left when Plumpy was done.

No Place for a Guinea Pig

guinea pig in dumpster

A friend called me one day to tell me that his neighbors—dumpster-divers by vocation—had made an unusual find in the course of their scavenging. They took the unidentified animal home, only to have their cat declare “Either it goes—or I go.” Naturally I dashed right over, carrier strapped to the back of my bike, to collect the poor throwaway. (No, dear reader, a guinea pig cannot climb into a dumpster by itself. Rats, mice, opossums, raccoons—yes. Guinea pigs—no.)

For the rest of the story, see Peas in a Pod.

Lost Rabbit

This series dates back to when I volunteered at the Humane Society. Along with the cats and dogs there was the occasional rat, hamster or guinea pig—and a fair number of rabbits. They seem to be better at getting lost than their humans are at finding them. But they all got adoped.

You can decide for yourself whether the human in the last frame is the rabbit’s original mommy, or a brand-new one.

rabbit in its back yard

rabbit by hole in fence

rabbit frightened by cars

rabbit chased by a dog

rabbit sleeps under a bush

rabbit seized by gloved hands

rabbit behind bars

rabbit in loving arms