Maggie’s Story

This is a true story.

Maggie and her brother and sister lived with a man who did not love anyone in the world except his little dog. He was always nice to the dog. But if Maggie wanted to come inside she had to climb in the broken window. Sometimes she hurt her paws on the broken glass.

Maggie and her sister looking in the window

The cats did not even have names. Maggie was “Blackie” and her sister was “Stripey”. Nobody knows what her brother was called.

When Maggie had kittens, she kept them under the house. It was the only place she felt safe.

Maggie with her kittens under the house

It could be dangerous outside. Maggie’s brother tried to cross the street. He was hit by a car.

Maggie's brother

Near Maggie’s house was another house. Many cats lived there. They got good food and had toys to play with and nice places to sleep. They also had the most important thing. They had a person who loved them and took good care of them.

the house next door

One day when Maggie came home, she could not get in the house. Everything was locked up. The man and the little dog were gone. Maggie and her sister were left behind.

Maggie is locked out

What would she do now? Who would take care of her and her kittens?

There was only one thing for Maggie to do. One by one she took her kittens and carried them to the house with the happy cats.

Maggie looks for a new home

Maybe there would be room for her there.

Maggie in Jane's house

There was.

Maggie and Jane