Proverbial Rats

rats dismantling a cookie

First Look, then Leap

rat preparing to leap

Rats do not have very good eyesight—especially PEWs (Pink-Eyed Whites), which can hardly see at all. But they are very good at judging distances. If a rat urgently needs to get from Point A to Point B, and there is a yawning chasm in between, it will figure out how to get there comfortably.

Spilled Milk Sheds No Tears

rats gathering around spilled milk

Sour Grapes

rats looking at grapes they can't reach

Turning Over a New Leaf

rats tearing apart a book

In another fine case of Life Imitating Art, the rats took this image to heart. After I barred them from their previous favorite hideaway inside a wall, they looked around and finally settled on a bookcase next to the aquarium. I didn’t understand the attraction until bits of paper started accumulating on the floor. Fortunately, the selected book—a single-volume encyclopedia—wasn’t one I use often, or one that needs to remain in pristine condition.

Even more fortunately, they never developed a taste for aquarium cords. This particular one didn’t have a GFCI.

The Pen(cil) is Mightier
than the Sword

three mice attack with a pencil

Just ask St. Cassian, patron saint of teachers, whose students stabbed him to death with their pens.

A Moss-Covered Log Gathers More Rats

Susanna drinking from the aquarium